Interactive photo composite, live composite.

With this software you will be able to create photo composites merging images and video for an innovative and interactive experience. With our unique system images can be placed at any location and with any size, the application will show overprinted a greeting / preview movie and link to the full video.

It will create the needed files to show the composite both in local mode, ready to be distributed in an SD card or USB device, and online in your own server; user only needs a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) to enjoy the class composite.

And you can also get the files for printing the class composite, both the standard and the multiple one.

Live Class Composite

The solution professional school and sports photographers were looking for, easily create interactive composites for class, teams, church, business, etc.

Create photo composites easily.

With our application you can create composites automatically, just add pictures to the project and the software will distribute them optimising size and spacing,
You may resize, move and align images, and you can even distribute them equidistantly both in vertical and in horizontal.

Multiple and customized composite.

Besides from the standard composite you may create also multiple ones where one of the members is larger and in a predominant position, the software will automatically repeat the same design for all composite members.

Templates, frames, masks and clipart.

You may use the automatic distribution feature but the application includes also templates for composites for up to 50 members and you may save your own designs as templates.

Masks for images, clipart to enhance composite titles and promotion details and of course frames are also included. You may add your own add ons by dragging them into the list at bottom.


You can include free texts with customised size, font and position and of course you may edit the settings for the images texts, all at once or one by one.

Rename with QR codes

With our unique system you may take pictures of the composite members with a QR code, this will allow to automatically import and rename picture files with the appropriate member name.


Add movies, it can be a different one for the preview / live composite and another for the interactive shown after clicking. You may rename movie files just by dragging and dropping the image into a movie.


Besides from adding interactive movies with their own audio you can also add a global audio file to the composite.

Download now Live Class Composite for Windows (Vista 64bits or higher) or Mac OS X (10.10 or higher)

The application in trial mode will overprint the exported files with a watermark but you can check how easy it is to create an interactive photo composite.

Exporting interactive composite requires FFmpeg

To take advantage of full interactive capabilities Live Class Composite uses FFmpeg tools for processing videos. Please make sure to have installed this tools to be able to use all features of Live Class Composite, instructions can be found at

Download our application and start just now, you’ll see how easy it is.
You will find tutorials at the support section of this website.

Download size is around 200MB and after first start it will take a few seconds to install the resources file.

Live Class Composite is a lifetime license and they are no other monthly or per composite fees, it’s a one time payment only.
(Upgrades may be released in the future which may require additional payments). 

Price in your local currency will be shown while placing your order, all orders are processed by

But if you only are looking for a solution to create a classic composite, please take a look at our software Easy Class Composite and Auto Class Composite.