Live Class Composite tutorial


  • What are the preview movies? This are sort duration movies, between 7 and 9 seconds from which the application extracts frames to be shown over the images in the composite, converting a still picture into a movie with a smooth transition. This preview movies are shown at the same position and with the same size than the image beneath.
    They are used commonly for a greeting, a funny gesture or to create a waving effect (please notice that you may set the time to elapse between the start of one movie and the next while exporting the interactive composite).
  • Does it works in tablets and smartphones? Yes, providing they have a modern browser and the processor is able to show the previews, otherwise zooming with help because the number of animated images are reduced. Anyway static image and interactive movie are always available.
  • Which computer do I need to create an interactive composite? Any computer able to perform basic video edition will be enough but please don’t use the computer while the exporting process is in progress as this may end with incomplete or corrupt frames.
  • Is the trial version limited? Trial version will overprint a watermark on the composites but it is fully functional and you may check if the software suits your needs.
  • Can I add my own add ons to the application? Yes, please drag them to the list at bottom, frames have to be in png format as well as clipart and masks should be in jpg format.
  • Is it a lifetime license? Yes, this is a lifetime license.
  • Are upgrades included? Upgrades are included for free until the next major version.
  • How many computers are included in the license? You may install and use the application in up to 2 computers providing the user is the same person in both, that means if you have an employee or a partner you must purchase an additional license.