Process photography, text and video files for the composite.

Live Class Composite uses the file name to create the text for each picture, therefore you have to name this files following this format:

a) Surname and Name: At the file name write first the surname, then a comma (“,”)  and finally the name like in Ferguson, Jane.jpg, the application will sort names by surname, then name and print


Comma position is used to automatically insert a new line.

b) Name and surname: just write it without comma and in the usual format like Jane Ferguson.jpg.

If you prefer to add additional new lines please use the “#” like in Ferguson#Mathematics, Jane.jpg, it will be printed as:


After placing the pictures in the composite you may edit them but it’s easier to start with correctly named and formatted files; to get this with a minimum effort the application has some unique features to help you.

Arrastra los nombres desde la lista de texto a las imágenes
Al finalizar renombra los archivos de las fotos asignando los nombres de la lista

With Live Class Composite you may add pictures and rename them using a text file, once the texts have been imported you may easily drag the rows into the pictures list; at end clic at rename files.

We all know that writing the correct name in each file is a hard work and you can easily mistype a name, therefore our software includes the option to create a QR code for each composite member using an external text file. This codes can be exported into PDF format both for printing or the be used with a tablet or smartphone.

While taking pictures of the composite members you have to first take a pic of the QR code and then the member, always in this order and for all composite members: QR code + person. At importing into Live Class Composite enable to process QR codes and add all the pictures from your camera (Codes + persons), the application will open the files and look for QR codes, if found the next picture will be renamed to the QR code value.

Once all picture files have been correctly named and added to the composite you may start to rename the movie files. Please take in mind that all files to be used by the application must have exactly the same member name: pictures, movie previews and linked previews.